Monday, February 18, 2013

The Stalking of Michelle Whitedove

Please read the posts below.  Sadly America's Top Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove has a stalker and it's been ongoing for years. Read and  view the proof in the posts below.

If you have any knowledge of this stalking please contact the Office of Michelle Whitedove

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stalking Whitedove

 Proof of continued Stalking    (Sept 2, 2012 )
          Jill Dahne cyber stalking Whitedove's website and blogged predictions.
Screen Shot> (click photo to enlarge)
Please read previous Blog Below! -Whitedove Press
If you have any knowledge of this ongoing stalking please contact our office 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Pissed Consumer

A Victims Impact Statement

TV Personality Michelle Whitedove, 
author and spiritual teacher has been targeted through your website

Dear Pissed Consumer,
It’s alarming that you pretend host a consumer complaint site yet gives absolute power to the complainer and zero remedy for the disparaged person/company . When the complaints are untrue, then your site becomes a forum to destroy reputations and that’s socially irresponsible.

As in the case of TV personality Michelle Whitedove, for years she has been tracked, hounded, and been targeted by a local psychic out of unhealthy professional jealousy. 
Since 2003, this Florida psychic - Jill Dahne and her assistant sent an email to TV20 Denver. Pretending to be a Colorado viewer, the email trashed TV Host Michelle Whitedove’s reputation by falsely claiming to have had a counseling session and even falsely threatened a possible lawsuit. The fabricated and unsigned email was veiled as a complaint , But God is good: the evidence - they emailed from their business email address! Even when confronted and served a cease and desist letter the hounding has not stopped. The Florida woman continues and even enlists her friends to participate. In fact,  she has cyber stalked Whitedove’s website for years- Her IP has been authenticated (click on the Photo to enlarge)

    More recent March 2012

We have contacted your site repeatedly without a response. is a haven for stalkers, slanderers, and the unethical.  The unscrupulous should be exposed … not protected. Michelle Whitedove has a pristine reputation. The exception is your site. 99.9% of these posts about Whitedove are NOT by consumers they are by Whitedove's Psychic Stalker.  CLICK on Photo to Enlarge

Fraudulent Posts - from her Fort Lauderdale Peer 

They are false statements and personal attacks to disparage Whitedove, and Bunim/Murray Producers of the TV show: America’s Psychic Challenge.

Now if you would like to read REAL Reviews go to> 

Ethically Concerned,

Whitedove Press / Office of Michelle Whitedove

Ph. 310-350-5370

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fraudulent Posts

Dear PissedConsumer

 Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove has a confirmed Fort Lauderdale Stalker (SEE the Proof in the following Blog below). Ninety-nine percent of the posts on your site are from the same IP in Fort Lauderdale. Notice the pattern of FLL posts - this one the poster claims to be from NY yet it clearly shows that it was posted in Lauderdale!
>>>Click on Photo to Enlarge> 

Whitedove’s known stalker  who decided a few years ago to post lies about Michelle Whitedove out of professional jealousy.  Compare and see for yourself.  Jill Dahne posts Positive Comments pretending to be Fort Lauderdale consumers on her page and then Posts Fraudulent and Negative Comments from Fort Lauderdale and Miami on Pissed Consumer about Whitedove.  
                          >>Click the Photo below to Enlarge to Read>

Now if you would like to read REAL Reviews go to>

PS: KARMA: The Stalker Keeps paying fees $$$ to Pissed Consumer to remove our fact filled posts.

~Whitedove Press

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jill Dahne and Friends 
continue to pursue Michelle Whitedove
and stalk her website too

Victims Impact Statement

Cyberstalkers are motivated to obsession usually by dark intentions of envy, jealousy, hate or even mental illness.  For years we have remained silent, but the stalking must come out of the shadows and be brought to light.  These continued attacks have only encouraged us at Whitedove Press to stand up for what is right. Here you will find the Facts, not innuendo.

THE BACK STORY: Contained here you will see the proof of the cyberstalking and the serial harassment of TV Personality Michelle Whitedove; she has been actively stalked since 2003  (Legal Link) and the hounding continues - the stalker(s) IP addresses have been authenticated and can be tracked.

Each time Whitedove receives a new accolade the stalking escalates. Sadly this CyberStalker has a reputation of convincing her friends to participate in internet harassment of Whitedove.  What stories must she telling to get them to participate? BELOW: Read the convoluted and bogus email sent Dec 19th by Psychic Annie Miller a good friend and associate of Jill Dahne.

In the email below, Annie Miller is pretending a woman named Joanne. 
The IP’s were authenticated and traced.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 2:59 AM
Subject: Email Form Response - MichelleWhitedove.Com
You received an email from your site.

The Information that was submitted was:
Name: Jo-Ann  

Ms. Whitedove,
 I am sorry to bother you with such a thing, I received a phone call recently claiming to be from your manager. I had no clue who you were until now. The content of the call was confusing and somewhat alarming. This person posing as spokes person for you, began to tell me why it was that I should have nothing to do with someone named Jill Dane. I explained that I did know who this Jill person was or who you where for that matter and I have no radio show let alone asking this Jill person to be a guest.

Here is how I know for sure that it was NOT someone from your staff that had called. A few days later, I received yet another call. This time it was the same person saying they were this Jill persons manager, and wouldn't you know, they were warning me of you. I thought that you and Jill should be made aware of this. However I can not find Jill Dane anywhere to send her an e mail as of yet.  The persons phone number did however show up on my caller ID and I thought that I would pass it on to you. Perhaps they were to drunk or high to think to block their number :)

It seems to me that someone is trying to create a problem between and for you and this Jill. Here is the number the call came from  305,949.4444  end_of_the_skype_highlighting. I have no idea where that area code is from, but it does look like a business line.  Thank you for your time and I hope you can get to the bottom of this before it creates a problem for you both. Sincerely Jo-Ann Baranello

Sent From :
Date: Monday - December 19, 2011

>>>>>Now what is the purpose of that Crazy Email?  The phone number is legendary Micki Dahne’s home phone – Jill’s mother. But why would Jill and Annie want us to believe that Micki was making these calls from her home number?  Maybe to cause friction between Michelle and Micki???  In December – Micki & Michelle were both selected for the cover of the book “Register of America's and the Worlds Best Psychic Mediums” Continued Professional Jealousy??? 
SCREEN CAPTURE of ANNIES EMAIL ----> (click to enlarge )

               Screen capture of Annie Miller on Dec 19 with her IP and ISP. >CLICK to Enlarge

The email and the website visits are irrefutable facts. 

It’s a Battle of Light vs. Darkness and people need to be accountable for their actions. If you have first hand knowledge of the ongoing Slander or Liable please contact us.  Link> Legal Page  Link> Email Proof of Liable

Whitedove Press | Office of Michelle Whitedove 

Additional Visits>>>  Feb 7th                                Click to Enlarge>

We have Tracked Jill cyberstalking for years now and we have the irrefutable proof.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Letter to PissedConsumer

An Open Letter to

Victims impact statement:
TV Personality Michelle Whitedove, 
Author & Spiritual Teacher

Dear Pissed Consumer,

We are writing you in reference to the false and untrue posts contained on pissed consumer about Michelle Whitedove “allegedly” posted by consumers.  Our investigation of the complaints on the posts has revealed, 99.9% of them were NOT posted by consumers but rather a competitor of Whitedove residing in South Florida. 

Its alarming that alleges to be a consumer complaint site but yet contains no mechanism to rectify the posts by those unfairly targeted with false and untrue complaints.  In order for to be a meaningful tool for consumers rather than just an unfair and unlawful method of defaming personal reputations and destroying businesses , pissedconsumer should allow a company or person to respond to the criticism, much like many websites such as tripadvisor. We have contacted pissedconsumer on numerous occasions to seek remedy for the false posts, but to date have received no response. 

Our office has investigated the source the false posts on pissedconsumer.  Below is a summary of our findings:

1) Michelle Whitedove is being cyberstalked by a woman living in Fort Lauderdale who operates as a psychic and alleged medium.  This Fort Lauderdale woman's IP address has been authenticated and tracked on Whitedove's website revealing that she spends hours upon hours on Whitedove’s website (as recently as yesterday).  Click on the Screen Shot/ photos to enlarge>

           2) In Year 2003, this same Fort Lauderdale woman was served with a cease and desist letter  by Whitedove’s attorneys, as she impersonated herself as a Colorado television viewer of Whitedove’s television show airing on TV20 in Denver, Co.  This woman sent a wholly fabricated email to the TV20 station complaining about Whitedove containing 100% untruths and falsities.  Whitedove’s staff was able to trace and confirm the email was from this Fort Lauderdale woman, not a TV20 viewer.

       3) Since that time, this Fort Lauderdale woman has undertaken further subversive and deceptive practices, including physically accosting Whitedove’s manager at the New Life Expo in Miami several years ago and then again in NYC March 2011. Concerned for her safety Whitedove has halted her participation in the Expo.  Most recently, based upon our investigation and reasonable belief, it appears this same Fort Lauderdale woman and/or her colleagues are responsible for posting the damaging statements on the  We also discovered that the website; www. registered the url sub-domain name so that when Michelle Whitedove's name is Googled, the pissedconsumer false posts come up very high in the search rankings.

           This naturally leads us to conclude is not a consumer advocacy website, but rather a haven for unethical people to post defamatory and libelous remarks without giving victims a method to counter the false statements. 
                                     (Click Photo to Enlarge )

Michelle Whitedove has spent her lifetime building a stellar reputation as a spiritual medium, psychic, and teacher.  In all these years, she has never received a complaint remotely close to the nature of the complaints as posted on

We request to immediately remove these false and untrue statements, as they only disparage Whitedove's reputation, along with Bunim/Murray Productions, the producers of the TV show: America’s Psychic Challenge.

Ethically Concerned,
Whitedove Press / Office of Michelle Whitedove
Ph. 310-350-5370

>>>NOTE: We have documented proof that this cyber stalking has been ongoing for years. CLICK Photo below to enlarge> 

Screen Shot June 2008


Victims Impact Statement
by Whitedove Press

Cyber-Stalkers are motivated to obsession usually by dark intentions of
 envy, jealousy, hate or even mental illness.  

                                                           Saint Micheal Protects

Contained here you will see the proof of the cyberstalking and the serial harassment of TV Personality Michelle Whitedove; she has been actively stalked since 2003  ( Legal Link )and the hounding continues - the stalker(s) IP addresses have been authenticated and can be tracked.

The Florida woman perceives herself as a psychic competitor.  But instead of focusing her own business contacts: radio shows and events, she surfs Whitedove's site and consistently contacts them.  Hours upon hours she spends on  She even reads Whitedove's Psychic Blogs then makes some of the same predictions.  

                          Click on the Feb 2012 Screen Shot/Photos to enlarge> 
Tracking Stats: documented web page visits 
You can clearly see the pattern.

Sadly this woman has convinced several of her friends to
 participate in following and harassing Whitedove.

There seems to be a pattern...each time that Michelle Whitedove receives a 
NEW ACCOLADE or RECOGNITION for her service the stalking escalates.

Could it be professional jealousy? 

In Feb 2011, Michelle Whitedove was named the Worlds #1 Psychic in the book "The Register of the United States and World Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers"

If you have any knowledge of the slander that has been told,

 please contact our office.

Ethically Concerned,  
Whitedove Press || Office of Michelle Whitedove  310-350-5370

The cyber stalking has been on going for years! Click photo to enlarge>
Screen Shot June 2008

                                   MARCH Cyber Stalking (click pic to enlarge)